Der Armor Philippines

Out there, you never know when you’re going to get into a scrap. Out there, you have little to no idea what you’re getting into. Nevertheless, your spirit refuses to conform to limits and urges you to move forward. For people like us, backing off is not an option. Out there is where the action is. We live to go where others cannot. We don’t follow trails, we make ‘em. We’ve got the tools. We’ve got the guts…and the gear that goes with ‘em. An iron will, passion and the spirit of adventure, qualities that are uncompromisingly forged into the engineering of Der Armor 4×4 Reinforcement. Der Armor is more than just 4×4 accessories and equipment. It reinforces your thirst for adventure and sport. So you can pursue the summit of your passions in confidence and style. Der Armor equips your 4×4 for the rugged demands of the road you choose, transforming your 4×4 into a formidable on and off-road warrior ready to do battle.